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GOOy CHEWy Policy

The Statements made on this WebSite or Correspondence have Not been Evaluated by the FDA. 
GOOy CHEWy Products are Supplements, supporting the Natural Structure & Function of the Body.
Because they are a Supplement, not a Drug,  they Can not Claim to Cure, Diagnose or Mitigate Any Disease.
Should You have any Questions prior to GOOy CHEWy Consumption, please feel Free to Call GOOy CHEWy at 855-380-6343, or consult your Physician.
Should You experience any UnDesirable Health Issues as the result of GOOy CHEWy Consumption, please discontinue and call your Physician or GOOy CHEWy at 855-380-6343. 
Because of the unique nature of GOOy CHEWy Products, and the various Health Issues that they Target, it is Impossible to offer any Guarantee.
Because GOOy CHEWy can not offer any Guarantee, a Return / Refund Policy can Not be Extended.
If you have Any Questions regarding GOOy CHEWy Policy, please Call 855-380-6343.
Thank You 

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