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Please consider trying HONEY plus RELIEF if …

   You are One of the 35% of the World's Population, whose daily Personal &

        Professional Quality of Health / Life is consistently compromised by your
        Allergies / Allergic Asthma.
  You realize that it is Virtually Impossible to "Avoid" your Enviro Allergy
       TroubleMakers.  That You can not "Live your Life in a Bubble"
  You realize that Allergy MED's Only Mask Symptoms by Fooling the Body into
       Believing that there is "No Problem"...
      And Do Nothing to Address the SOURCE of your Allergy Disease.
      That your LifeTime / Allergy Medication / "Merry-NO-GO-Round" only leaves 
      the Cumulative Progression of Your Allergy Disease InTact.
      Allowing Your Allergy to Progressively Continue Exacerbate UnAbated.
      Only to Re-Emerge all the More, once your Med Cocktail Mix has Wore Off ! 
   You understand that the Only Way to Stop the Mis-Wired
        Cumulative Progression of your Allergy Disease is to Leverage the
        Natural Adaptive Power of your Body toward building Internal
        Tolerance to your Enviro Allergy TroubleMakers.
           But How ? 
  You Understand that your conveniently located Primary Care Physician
      Does Not Treat Allergies and can only offer Symptom Masking Pharma.
      That an Allergist is the Only Medical Professional who can offer Allergy
      Immuno-Ouch Therapy.
      That via a Multi-Year ( LifeTime ? ) sequence of Bi-Monthly Allergy SHOTs,
      an Allergist-Based Immuno-Therapy Protocol slowly builds Tolerance to your Test
      I.D.'ed Enviro Allergy Sources. 
 You understand that with an Immuno-Therapy Protocol, it is necessary to
       Identify your Allergy TroubleMakers via an Allergy "Ouch" Skin Test.
You understand that once your Enviro Allergy TroubleMakers are Identified via
      an Allergy Skin Test. Your Allergy Vaccine will be Customer Formulated, ready
      for your Series of Multi-Year Allergy Shots. 
   You understand that an Allergy Shot Protocol requires that You must find Time
         from Your (your Parent's) busy Schedule to go to the Allergist Office, where
         You Pay your $$ Deductible and wait for your Injection Appointment.
         You then go to the Examine Room and wait for your Injection(s), You Receive          your Injection(s), then following your Shot(s), You are required to Wait in the
         Dr. Office for 30 Minutes for any possible reaction. After the 30 minutes, you
         check with the Nurse to see if OK to Go. Then once Approved, You can then
         leave the Dr. Office and Re-Start your Busy Schedule.  
   A typical Allergy SHOT Injection Schedule
  • Injections 1 X to 2 X each Week for First 6 months.
  • Weekly to Bi-Weekly Injections for 7-12 mo
  • Injections every 3 - 4 Weeks for 2 - 4 Yr.
  • Typical duration of Allergy ImmunoTherapy is 3 - 5 Yr.
  As an UnderStatement, it can be said that Allergy SHOTs are Not Very Patient
      Friendly. And that the frequency of Allergy SHOT visits is not very Busy Day /       Schedule Friendly for your Child or for Parents.
      It is estimated that in addition to the disruption of Your / your Child's Day       Schedule, EACH Weekly Allergist Round Trip visit for your Allergy Shot consumes
      approximately 1.75 - 2.5 Hr. from your busy Day.
      Studies show that the Majority of Patients ( 60% + ) eventually Discontinue             ImmunoTherapy within 1.5 - 2.5 Yr. while the Cumulative Progression of each
      Patient's Allergy SnowBall continues to Roll Down Life's Hill. 
What can I DO ?  
Please consider trying HONEY plus RELIEF  …

  GOOy CHEWy HONEY plus RELIEF is a:
    • 100% Natural Honey-Based Confectionary
    • which contains small Traces of the 14 Major Enviro Sources 
    • which cause You Allergy Symptoms
    • which with daily GOOy CHEWy RELIEF consumption, Slowly Leverages the Natural Adaptive Power of your Immune System toward building Tolerance to these major Enviro Allergy TroubleMakers
    • to the Extent that ( Hopefully ) your Body No Longer "See's" these Enviro Sources as "Allergy TroubleMakers"
    • to the Extent that your Body's Allergy Fight Symptoms Dissipate.
Plus Prebiotic & Probiotic Levels to:
    • Support GUT / G.I. Health & Balance
    • Assist your Allergy Fight
    • as well as, to Support your Immune System's Overall Health & Balance. 
    You understand that HONEY plus RELIEF, while Not a FDA Approved Drug,
         can still be considered a viable Health Treatment Option in your
         Battle with Enviro Allergies.
         That HONEY plus RELIEF is classified as a Health Supplement, and is Not
         Intended & Can Not Claim to Diagnose, Treat, Cure or Prevent Any Disease.
         That HONEY plus RELIEF is not intended to Replace the Medical Advise &
         Counsel of your Medical Physician.
           But, you also know that Your Allergy Disease is Only Getting Worse, that your
         Pharma Measures are only Increasing, that Your Allergies are More & more
         "Defining Your Life", that GOOy CHEWy RELIEF is a Totally New Option, that
        You have Nothing to Loose giving GOOy CHEWy RELIEF a Try ..
        Because Maybe, just Maybe this Honey-Based, Cute & Playfully Named,
        100% Natural Product .. Just MAY Work !
        The Choice is Yours ..
        Give GOOy CHEWy RELIEF a Try ...
        and Let Your Body Tell you if GOOy CHEWy RELIEF Works ( or Not ) !  

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