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 HONEY plus TUMMY …              

By a Ratio of 1 to 10 …


 Good or Bad Health

Begins in the GUT ..
The Choice is Yours .. 
Take Home Message

When “We” are Good to our TUMMY MicroBiome

Our TUMMY MicroBiome is Good to “Us” !


The Invisible Universe Of The Human Microbiome

National Public Radio
Published on Nov 5, 2013
The next time You look in the mirror, Think about this: In many Ways You are More Microbe than "Human" Mammal. That there are 10 Times More Cells from MicroOrganisms like Bacteria and Fungi In & On our bodies that there are Human Cells.
But these tiny Compatriots are Invisible to the Naked Eye. So National Public Radio asked Artist Ben Arthur to give Us a Guided Tour of the Rich Universe of the Human MicroBiome. 
Let the American Academy of Microbiology
Answer Your MicroBiome Questions
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Your ProActive Healthy GUT Solution.

   GOOy CHEWy’s HONEY plus TUMMY has been formulated to
         Support GUT Health and Balance.

         How ?


         #1)   GOOy CHEWy HONEY plus TUMMY is … Yummy !


                  GOOy CHEWy TUMMY is a Honey-Based GOOy                   Confectionery, making it Easy to keep Your

                  ( or Your Child’s ) GUT Healthy & Happy !

      #2)   Probiotics, which are “Good BUGs” keep the Bad Bug Guys                Out of GUT Town and the Good Bug Guys In GUT Control !


   #3) Prebiotics, “Feed” the Good Bugs and Do Much, Much More !
FEED Your Good Bugs

        Many people feel that "What they Eat" is sufficient to "Feed" the

        Good Probiotic Bugs that they Consume.

         Unfortunately, for many in Today’s Modern Society, there daily

         Diet does not adequately support flourishing Probiotic Health. It is
         for this reason that HONEY plus TUMMY contains Prebiotics to be
         sure that your Probiotic Good Bugs Do Not Go Hungry. You might
         also find it interesting that Honey, in addition to all its other Health
         Benefits, is considered a Prebiotic.


         In addition to HONEY plus TUMMY’s Prebiotic Health Role
         TUMMY’s Prebiotic is Much More than a Prebiotic. It supports the
         1st Line of Defense, the Innate Tier of your Immune System,
         supporting the Body’s Natural Defenses against Illness & Disease
         and also offers Immune Modulation against Inflammatory


         When All is Said and Done …


         HONEY plus Tummy is a Smart Choice when it comes to keeping
         our GUT Flora MicroBiome Garden Healthy and Free of Bad Bug
         WEEDs !


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